[Fedora-packaging] easing external software installation - discussion

David Timms dtimms at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 13 21:12:08 UTC 2009

David Timms wrote:
> Could we have an "external software requirement" category or 
> sub-category in comps that packagers could use to put together similar 
> groups of packages needed by specific external software packages - like:
> |- Desktop
> |- Servers
> ...
> |- Languages
> |- External software installation requirements
>   { eases the install of external software by installing Fedora packages 
> that such software needs to be able to run on Fedora. The external 
> software will still need to be obtained from it's distributor, will 
> often need further manual configuration to be usable, and is not 
> supported by the Fedora project }
>   |-- ldap browser
>   |-- vmware server
>   |-- vmware server console
> Is the fact that the external software is mentioned by name a potential 
> problem ? Would for example "pc virtualization server" resolve that ?
> Are there any real problems in any of the above ?

- we could require that only external software, that could never be 
properly packaged in Fedora due to either third-party or our 
constraints, would be allowed to have such a comps entry.

- Some people seem to call external software "third party software". 
This is a bit deceptive as most of the software packaged in Fedora is 
written by third parties (and their communities). Yet it might be better 

So far it seems no one is objecting to this proposal (at least in 
fedora-packaging list). Since this isn't directly a packaging issue, is 
this the most appropriate forum for such a discussion ?


David Timms.

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