[Fedora-packaging] Draft vote on Font Package Naming

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Wed Jan 14 15:56:38 UTC 2009

Le Mer 14 janvier 2009 16:32, Tom \"spot\" Callaway a écrit :

BTW for the already approved by FPC draft on splitting:


The following exception can probably be removed, as the packagers of
all the critical font packages that could exercise it (dejavu, dejavu
lgc, vera, liberation) already decided independently to split like
everyone else in rawhide (gnu free font could still use it, but do we
want an exception for a single non-default package?)

« historic Latin fonts which share a common designer, and are intended
to be used together, as evidenced by their name (for example
Liberation Sans, Liberation Serif and Liberation Mono). In that case
splitting them in different subpackages or not is left to the packager
discretion. »

Nicolas Mailhot

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