[Fedora-packaging] Java packaging of Bluecove

François Kooman fkooman at tuxed.net
Thu Jan 15 10:14:08 UTC 2009

Andrew Overholt wrote:
> The Eclipse SDK spec -- eclipse.spec -- is huge and overkill for what
>  you're looking for but it has multiple sources.  OTTOMH I can't
> think of other examples.  Anyone else?

I looked at that and also some RPM resources online (and dovecot SPEC).
In the end I came up with:

%setup -q
%setup -q -T -D -a 1

Which unpacks Source0 (quietly) and after that unpacks Source1 inside
the extracted Source0, without deleting the parent (Source0) directory.

This seems to work, I have a preliminary SPEC file at
http://users.tuxed.net/fkooman/rpmbuild/SPECS/bluecove.spec in case
anyone is interested, but it is not quite ready for review yet.


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