[Fedora-packaging] PHP Guidelines update proposal

Remi Collet Fedora at FamilleCollet.com
Mon Jan 26 18:35:37 UTC 2009

Tim Jackson a écrit :
> Sounds fine to me, and is consistent with php-ZendFramework-*. 

:)   (even is ZendFramework doesn't use pear mechanism, AFAIK)

> Where will the files be installed in the filesystem 

/usr/share/pear (as for all pear extension)
/usr/share/pear/ezc (as define in package.xml provided upstream)

> and what will a "require" statement look like for code which needs ezC?

Requires: php-pear(components.ez.no/Mail)

or, of course (but probably a lesser solution)

Requires: php-ezc-Mail


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