[Fedora-packaging] Problem with tags for a package that does not use the %dist tag

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Wed Jul 1 14:20:16 UTC 2009


I've submitted the Linux Device Driver book as a package:


I decided to not use the %{dist} tag in the release number versioning based on 
the reasoning in the ticket. This package was approved and I check the package 
into cvs.

When I did the initial check-in into the devel/ branch all the files got tagged 
as ldd_pdf-3.0-2 (notice the absence of %{dist}). Now I can build the package in 
the devel branch. However, I now have a problem, how do I build the package for 
F-10 and F-11 ?

- Do I need to create a different tag 'manually' for each of these branches ? 
(since "make tag" tries to create the same tag as that of the devel branch)

- If I do the above, would make build work ?

what is the procedure followed by other packages which do not use the %dist tag ?


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