[Fedora-packaging] Draft for the use of environment-modules

Milos Jakubicek xjakub at fi.muni.cz
Fri Jul 24 23:33:12 UTC 2009

On 24.7.2009 14:46, Doug Ledford wrote:

> This is probably good, and would need to be under $MPI_INCLUDE maybe? It
> might be worth while to consider simply making it a rule that the
> following directories always exist:
> $MPI_HOME/bin
> $MPI_HOME/lib
> $MPI_HOME/include
> $MPI_HOME/man
> and that they are the standard destination for MPI built programs. The
> man directory is somewhat optional as man pages should be able to go in
> /usr/share/man and simply be reused from the base package, they don't
> normally vary from a non-MPI build to an MPI build. However, the man dir
> is needed for the MPI packages themselves as they all have rather
> extensive, competing man pages.

Well, I think the same applies also for the include dir. Headers can be 
simply split into a separate -headers subpackage and required by every 
-devel subpackage -- or can you think of a case with different headers 
for different MPI implementations?

>> - the main package should be always built without MPI support, if that
>> is possible (i.e. a MUST would be: build at least without MPI (if
>> possible) and with OpenMPI)
> You can't do a must as there are some MPI only apps out there (mpitests
> is an easy example). But a strong should would work.

Yes yes, that's what I meant by "must (if possible)" :)


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