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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Packaging guidelines for rubygems

David Lutterkort wrote, at 03/03/2009 08:27 AM +9:00:
> On Mon, 2009-03-02 at 17:07 +0900, Mamoru Tasaka wrote:

>> What I am wondering currently is at what stage we should install rubygems
>> into %_builddir, whether %prep or %build.
>> Current "rubygem with C code" (proposed by me) is
>> - to create "empty" directory first by "%setup -q -c -T" at %prep
>> - then install rubygems under %_builddir at %build (then some compilation
>>   is done in %build)
>> - then copy all needed files at %install
>> However if we want to use "%patch0 -p1 -b .foo", for example, for files
>> installed under %_builddir, rubygems must be installed under %_builddir
>> at %prep, because rpm does not accept %patch? method at %build like:
> Since the main motiviation for a change is to enable the workflow that
> RPM maintainers are used to, we do want the various sections to have
> their 'usual' meanings, i.e.
>   %prep  - unpack sources, apply patches
>   %build - compile/generate files from sources
>   %install - put files into their 'right' place
> So the main deviation from what the guidelines for binary rubygems
> suggest right now is that we'd run 'gem install' in %prep - for
> Ruby-only gems not a big deal, but for binary gems, it's stupid, since
> we'd need to recompile the gem in %build after patches have been
> applied.
> Unfortunately, rubygems don't have a way to split building them into
> unpack/compile/install the same way as rpm's do.
> David

Umm.. Currently I have no idea for this, however
- Anyway it seems that installing rubygems first under %_builddir (after
  %setup -q -c -T) should be done at %prep, in case applying patches
  and some extra commands are needed.
- For rubygems including C codes, for now recompiling all codes seems
  unavoidable if we use rubygems and when patches are needed,
  very unwilling, though.
  Perhaps there are some cases where installing rubygems (by
  $ gem install) itself fails without patches

  Usually recompiling such codes will be done through "rake build" or so.
  I think such commands (i.e. "rake build" or so) should be done at %build
  like non-gem rpms (even if first attempt of compiling C codes through
  $ gem install are already done _at %prep_)

- Or we (explicitly) allow to  expand gem archive by using "tar" twice
  like below?

  %setup -q -c -T
  tar xf <source gem archive>
  mkdir data ; cd data
  tar xf ../data.tar.gz
  %patch0 -p0 -b .foo

  cd data/
  rake build


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