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[Fedora-packaging] bad file in look-aside repository

I need to correct a problem and I'm not sure the best way to handle it. Unbeknownst to me upstream released a bad tar file. I uploaded it to the look-aside repository via "make new-sources FILES=XXX". Upstream has replaced the tar file with a new one and in the process removed a higher version tar file I also uploaded (Arghh...)

I need to do the following two things, replace one file with another, remove one file (because this file will at some point, e.g. next version, will need to be in the repository, but just not now). FWIW no build has been performed yet, thus by replacing and/or removing these file it cannot lead to a non-repeatable build.

It seems as though "make new-sources" allows one to replace a file. Is this true? If so I'm a bit surprised because it could permit malicious behaviour and lead to non-repeatable builds.

Is there a mechanism to remove a file uploaded by mistake?

How can I avoid this problem in the future? I normally do a "make local" when a new release comes from upstream and iterate locally until the spec file and patch set is correct before doing a cvs commit, make tag, make build. In the past this has always seemed safe and assured I didn't get anything into our master until it was ready. However, "make local" requires the tar file already be in the look-aside repository and you may not know the tar file is hosed. I believe the same problem applies to scratch builds. So, is there a way to test new builds locally without having to have uploaded the sources first? (I know I can manually craft an rpmbuild command line to emulate what "make local" would do, but it would be better if one could ask the tools to do the equivalent of "make local" without involving the look-aside.

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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