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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Binary FreeDOS image

Lubomir Rintel wrote:

I'm just reviewing a DOSEmu package, where the package author includes a
tarball of FreeDOS installation (binary images of a couple of basic DOS
utilities, shell and the kernel). I believe that it's probably illegal
(provided it's GPL code, I have not checked) to do this unless we
distribute sources as well.

Would anyone mind if I told the maintainer just to include the source
tarball in SRPM for now? Building the whole thing from source, while
cleanly being possible, would add a huge amount of work at this point.

Actually it is *not * possible to build freedos from source as this
requires (or atleast used to) non free tools such as Borland C 3.

Which means that we should seriously consider wether we want to ship it
at all.

And if start shipping it having diskimages for qemu would be a nice bonus
to have :)



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