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Re: [Fedora-packaging] Compat packages

Denis wrote:
On 03/23/2009 04:37 PM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
My opinion also. On that topic, should we do something about compat packages not explicitly named as such. For example, we ship gtksourceview and gtksourceview2. Shouldn't they be called 'compat-gtksourceview' and 'gtksourceview' respectively ?

No. These are 2 different historic ways to having been applied to introduce "compat packages".

1) Add "compat-*" packages

2) Use versioned package names "package<N>"

Both approaches have pros and cons each.

* compat-* package typically supply "backward compatible run-times". They very often aim at "keeping users' applications" happy.

* "package<N>" package often aim at "parallel installation", often stemming from times when some underlying package has undergone major API/ABI changes, while it's clients/users have not been updated to the new version yet (classic example: gtk (gtk1) vs. gtk2).

To be honest, I fail to see the difference between both your cases above.
The difference is substantial.

The key points are
* Choosing "unique package name"
A compat prefix can only be applied once, it's insufficient to handle several versions.

* Choosing the "nominal package" name.
Using a "compat-* package-prefix" forces all packages's specs which can't be upgraded to the latest version of a package to be modified. Using a "versioned package name" ties a package's spec to a particular version.

Compat packages are also meant to be parallel installable  (e.g.

Well, compat-gcc<N> is a twit of both approaches :)

and "package<N>" also supply backward compatible run-times
Correct. The "package<N>" approach is more flexible than the "compat-" convention.

Finally: compat-* is the tradtional approach RH has been using/RH seems to have favored, until ... packages were facing it's limitations ;)


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