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[Fedora-packaging] Re: Publican Issues

Joshua Wulf wrote:
I think that Jeff and Chris are referring to this:
Comment #58 by Jens Petersen:

I am not veto'ing parallel install per se, but maybe it is worth considerng
what is so special about docs packages that warrants/necessitates parallel
install since we don't really do this for any other packages except
libraries/tools needed occasionally for back-compatibility.

The idea here is that people who are using Fedora in a production capacity, rather than just as a beta test of RHEL, are able to install multiple documentation sets.

The use case would be like this:

I'm a system administrator with a number of different servers on my network running different versions of Fedora. Some are internal servers and running the ancient Fedora 10. There is one running Fedora 15 that I'm intending to upgrade later. The ones on the firewall I run at latest-1, and are currently on Fedora 19. I'm running Fedora 20 on my personal workstation, and I have a virtual machine running Fedora Rawhide.

On my Fedora 20 workstation I have the documentation for all of these different versions installed (F10, F15, F19, F20, Rawhide), so that I can refer to the relevant docs in my graphical user environment as I administer them remotely via ssh.

That's the idea. It doesn't make much sense if you envision Fedora as a RHEL beta test that you scrap each time a new version comes out, but if it's a viable OS that can be deployed and used in a production capacity like that described above, parallel documentation installation will be useful.

What are your thoughts on this?


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