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[Fedora-packaging] Advice over mono and rebuilding for silverlight


I've had a request from rpmfusion to rebuild mono with the
--with-moonlight flag set. This builds in the functionality required to
build Silverlight on rpmfusion.

I am aware that Fedora itself cannot have Silverlight in (the licence is
the MS "shared source" (cough) licence) due to the potential for MS to
do it's usual trick of going back on their word and applying patents to
cause problems.

While adding in the smcs and silverlight code possibly does not break
any of the fedora rules, I am of the thinking that we don't add the flag
for the same reason that we have disabled xmms for mp3; it has the
potential to cause us problems.

This is probably a question for the legal people, but I'm asking it here
as I don't have the legal people's email address and it is also a
packaging problem.

If I get the okay to build mono with the flag, I will.


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