[Fedora-packaging] Python 3 packaging

David Malcolm dmalcolm at redhat.com
Wed Nov 11 00:13:25 UTC 2009

I'm working on a python 3 stack for Fedora 13, parallel-installable with
the default python 2 stack [1]

I've attempted to package python 3, and package some python modules for
python 3.  So far, I've got a "python3-rpm", a "python3-lxml", and two
different ways of packaging "python3-setuptools", though none of these
are actually in our CVS yet [2].  

Thanks everyone for your help so far.

In doing so, I've been writing some proposals on packaging guidelines
for Python 3 - both for secondary python runtimes, and for modules for

You can see what I've written so far here:

Obviously this is a work in progress but hopefully makes sense as far as
it goes.

I've also written a script to cover some of the automatable work that
can given python-foo.spec will write a python3-foo.spec

You can see the script here:

I got over-ambitious with this script: it can also be given a target
srpm, and will then checkout the python 2 srpm, convert to python 3,
then recursively walk the build requirements, building the python 3
packages in mock, attemping to build all a stack all the way up to the
given srpm... well, that was the theory.  However, most packages seem to
need at least a little manual cleanup, and so I never managed to get far
up the stack - and this is no substitute for actually engaging with the
various upstream projects and working on python 3 support in the manner
that each upstream wants (e.g. do they want a unified trunk for 2 and 3
vs separate branches)


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Python3F13
[2] See https://bugzilla.redhat.com/showdependencytree.cgi?id=530636 for
the full details.

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