[Fedora-packaging] Naming guidelines: Parents & children

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 23 03:26:59 UTC 2009


I have packaged gtkhash [1]. The latest version comes with a nautilus
extension that I'd like to package separately so gtkhash can be
installed without GNOME/nautilus.

I wonder what the proper name for the nautilus extension package is. 
gtkhash-nautilus-extension? gtkhash-nautilus? nautilus-gtkhash?

The naming guidelines read [2]:
"If a new package is considered an "addon" package that enhances or adds
a new functionality to an existing Fedora package without being useful
on its own, its name should reflect this fact."

The extension is cannot be used without ether nautilus or gtkhash, so
this wont help us to make a decision. From the "enhancement" point of
view I'd say it's nautilus that gets enhanced, so the proper name would
be nautilus-gtkhash. On the other hand gtkhash-nautilus(-extension)
makes it easier to find the package in bugzilla.

So the question is: What is the "parent"? The source package or the one
that gets enhanced? 

This affects other nautilus packages as well. Currently we have:
Package (Source package)
      * brasero-nautilus (brasero)
      * gnome-mplayer-nautilus (gnome-mplayer from "that other repo")
      * nautilus-actions (nautilus-actions)
      * nautilus-beesu-manager (beesu)
      * nautilus-bzr (bzr)
      * nautilus-extensions (nautilus)
      * nautilus-image-converter (no subpackage)
      * nautilus-open-terminal (nautilus-open-terminal)
      * nautilus-phatch (phatch)
      * nautilus-python (nautilus-python)
      * nautilus-search-tool (nautilus-search-tool)
      * nautilus-sendto (nautilus-sendto)
      * nautilus-sound-converter (nautilus-sound-converter)
      * tortoisehg-nautilus (tortoisehg)
      * totem-nautilus (totem)

I think we should tighten the naming guidelines a little to make our
package names more consistent, especially gnome-panel applets:

Package (Upstream source name)
      * autobuild-applet (autobuild-applet)
      * contact-lookup-applet (contact-lookup-applet)
      * deskbar-applet (deskbar-applet)
      * file-browser-applet (file-browser-applet)
      * gdm-user-switch-applet (gdm)
      * gnome-applet-alarm-clock (alarmclock)
      * gnome-applet-bubblemon (bubblemon)
      * gnome-applet-cpufire (cpufire_applet)
      * gnome-applet-globalmenu (subpackage of gnome-globalmenu)
      * gnome-applet-grandr (grandr_applet)
      * gnome-applet-jalali-calendar (jalali-calendar)
      * gnome-applet-music (music-applet)
      * gnome-applet-netspeed (netspeed_applet)
      * gnome-applets
      * gnome-applet-sensors (sensors-applet)
      * gnome-applet-sshmenu (sshmenu)
      * gnome-applet-timer (timerapplet)
      * gnome-applet-window-picker (window-picker-applet)
      * hamster-applet (subpackage of hamster)
      * lock-keys-applet (lock-keys-applet)
      * resapplet (not an applet but a tray icon)
      * zapplet (not an applet but a tray icon)

     1. Leave tray icons as is. They can be used in all desktops.
     2. Rename all gnome-panel applets to gnome-applet-*
     3. Packages that don't match the upstream name get a "Provides:
        <upstream-name> = %{version}" so they can be installed more easy

Instead of 2. we could prefix all applets with "gnome-" and leave the
upstream names intact. This is what we currently have in Xfce, upsteam
has a consistent naming of their plugins, all are named xfce4-*-plugin.

What do you think is best?


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=540328

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