[Fedora-packaging] Static-only library: clarification

Jon Ciesla limb at jcomserv.net
Sat Oct 3 01:16:18 UTC 2009

> On Fri, 2009-10-02 at 19:09 -0400, Michel Alexandre Salim
>> I'm currently reviewing a request for Telepathy-Qt4,
which currently
>> only provides a static library:
>> It seems to me there are two different options:
>> -
rename package to telepathy-qt4-static -- might cause administrative
>> hassle if and when upstream enables dynamically-linked
> This is not really an option. (You, too,
can patch the software to build
> dynamically instead; it often is
the least path of resistance.)

Alternatively, though I prefer
the above, if you do keep it static, keep the package/SRPM name
telepathy-qt4 and put the libs in a -static subpackage, which should
obviate some of the issues later.

>> - keep it as before,
and just leave the main package empty. Make
>> -devel virtually
Provides: -static.
> AFAIK this is what is usually done
in case there are no shared
> libraries. Of course the static
library can be put in a separate -static
> package, but then one
would have to make the -devel package require it
> in any case if
there is no shared library available..?


>>   Should the -doc subpackage depend on -devel? Should it be
>> -devel-doc or -static-doc, or just -doc?

> In 99.9% of the cases, plain -doc will do. I would break it in
> only if the documentation is ridiculously big, say, like
> (281MB compressed, 628MB uncompressed, and still
it's in one package!!).
> That is: if a user bothers to
install -doc separately, then it's assumed
> that s/he wants to
get all the documentation, and is not bothered if
> there's a bit
of something extra on the side.

If the docs are small (a few MB
or less, YMMV), no subpackage is really needed, though you still can if
you want to.


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