[Fedora-packaging] Unsponsored Comaintainer?

Jason L Tibbitts III tibbs at math.uh.edu
Fri Oct 9 03:16:19 UTC 2009

>>>>> "RM" == Rich Mattes <richmattes at gmail.com> writes:

RM> I was wondering if it's possible to become a co-maintainer on an
RM> existing package if you're still unsponsored.

No, you must be sponsored in order to become a member of the packager
group and thus gain access to CVS and other infrastructure for

Your options, thus, are:

1) Help out by doing testing and supplying patches and such, without the
   ability to commit them yourself.  (You can still do test builds and
   such; all users who have completed the CLA can do scratch builds in

2) Submit a package and go through the regular review and sponsorship

3) Convince a sponsor to sponsor you without submitting a package.
   Sponsors (for the packager group, at least) have wide discretion in
   who they sponsor.  Most will still want to see some evidence that you
   understand the basics of packaging for Fedora.  Having done some of
   #1 may help.

 - J<

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