[Fedora-packaging] AutoProvidesAndRequiresFiltering comments

Ville Skyttä ville.skytta at iki.fi
Wed Sep 2 19:58:40 UTC 2009

A couple of comments to 

1) Usage

I suggest changing "MUST only be used with packages which meet the following 
criteria:" to "MUST only be used with packages which meet one of the following 
criteria:" as both can't be satisifed by any package.

2) Compatibility

A note/tip about older/other distro (e.g. EPEL) compatibility would be nice so 
applying this stuff wouldn't require specfile forking or fragile 
distro/version checks.  For example wrapping stuff in %{?filter_setup: ...} 
works (i.e. gets bypassed when not available), e.g. like:

%filter_provides_in /some/path

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