[Fedora-packaging] Suggested updated Java guidelines

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net
Thu Jan 7 20:23:02 UTC 2010

Le samedi 02 janvier 2010 à 15:47 +0100, Alexander Boström a écrit :

> Removed this text:
>         The <code>%{_jnidir</code>} rpm macro defines the main JNI jar
>         repository. Like <code>%{_javadir</code>} it is declined in
>         <code>-ext</code> and <code>-x.y.z</code> variants. It follows
>         exactly the same rules as the <code>%{_javadir</code>}-derived
>         tree structure, except that it hosts JAR files that use JNI.
>         <code>%{_jnidir</code>} usually expands into
>         <code>/usr/lib/java</code>.
> It seems to belong to the "The plan is to eventually..." part, but I
> don't really understand it. Explain and I'll add something back. :)

When the original JJP guidelines were written people were using lots of
different JVMs and app writers were releasing code that only worked on
specific java versions, so the original JPP directory structure has
always allowed versionned directories where packagers could put jars
that only worked on specific versions.

If you look at the shell code macro that resolves filenames in
jpackages-utils, you'll see it does something like the following when
looking for jar "foo" 

1. check the java version the current jvm reports (for example x.y.z)
2. look for "foo.jar" in %{_jnidir}-x.y.z/
3. look for "foo.jar" in %{_jnidir}-x.y/
4. look for "foo.jar" in %{_jnidir}-x/
5. look for "foo.jar" in %{_jnidir}/
6. look for "foo.jar" in %{_javadir}-x.y.z/
7. look for "foo.jar" in %{_javadir}-x.y/
8. look for "foo.jar" in %{_javadir}-x/
9. look for "foo.jar" in %{_javadir}/

That allowed nifty things like having a single tomcat package (+ deps)
that worked both with java-1.3 and java-1.4 jvms, depending on the jvm
installed on system (or even with multiple jvms installed and env var
changes), at a time when users where split between boths, and creating
separate 1.3 and 1.4 packaging stacks would not have been possible for
lack of manpower (90% of the components where the same with 1.3 and 1.4,
the few exceptions were a PITA to manage)

People tend to put all their jars in %{_javadir}/ nowadays, but the
infra is still there to allow multiple versions if needed.

BTW: this part of jpackage-utils was written in a week-end and was
intended as a short-term simple brutal implementation while better
people created better mechanisms. Better didn't happen years later :(

Nicolas Mailhot
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