[Bug 165907] perl: specfile cleanup and update to 5.8.7

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Sat Aug 13 21:35:41 UTC 2005

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Summary: perl: specfile cleanup and update to 5.8.7


------- Additional Comments From jpo at di.uminho.pt  2005-08-13 17:35 EST -------
Current status: 
The first patch has already been applied (see perl-5.8.6-16.src.rpm in rawhide)

First patch summary: perl-5.8.6-15 => perl-5.8.6-16
 * Specfile reformatted
     - in particular grouped all the patches together
 * Full URL of the perl 5.8.6 tarball
 * %build section
     - moved the mkdir commands that appeared before the
       Configure line into the %install section
     - Configure command argument changes
          (make install DESTDIR=$RPM_... in %install)
 * %install section
     - make install DESTDIR=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT
     - no longer creates MANIFEST.all
     - dropped compression of the man pages
 * %files section
     - no longer uses MANIFEST.all for the perl package
     - no longer uses MANIFEST.suidperl for the perl-suidperl subpackage
 * Source files no longer needed
    - Source1: clean-manifest.pl
    - Source9: MANIFEST.suidperl
    - Source10: system-owned-directories

Other notes:
 * didn't move "make test" into the %check section
   Reason: the perl building process prints a message if the "make install"
   step is started without having executed "make test" before

Wish/pending list:
* mark libnet.cfg as a configuration file?
  maybe move it to /etc and create a symbolic link to it?
* reformat/clean the %install section
  I don't have access to a x86_64 (or 64 bit) machine to test the
  multilib stuff
* mark pod files as docs
  should be done at the RPM level - other perl packages (and maybe
  Ruby) would also profit from it

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