[Bug 165885] Misnamed package, add Provides?

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Summary: Misnamed package, add Provides?


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(In reply to comment #0)
> The Perl module package naming convention is perl-$CPANDIST, and this package     
> doesn't follow it (should be perl-gettext, not perl-Locale-gettext).     
Is it? Is this documented anywhere?

> Now, this is very much my fault, didn't catch it in the review, and it doesn't
> really matter much as all dependencies should be specified as     
> perl(Locale::gettext) anyway.

But I think the actual problem is in CPAN:

The tarball is called "gettext-*.tar.gz", while the actual module is

I chose perl-Locale-gettext for the RPM, primarily because I assumed people will
be looking for perl-Locale-gettext-*.rpm when encountering a perl dependency on

Also, I find calling the RPM perl-gettext*.rpm to be misleading because it would
indicate this module to contain Perl's "one and only gettext binding". However
this is just _one_ aribitrary gettext binding.

>  I thought it would be nice to add "Provides:     
> perl-gettext = %{version}-%{release}" into this package nevertheless.     
I am not opposed to it, if people think this is useful.

> No strong opinions though; add the provides, or rename the package, or leave 
> it as is.  Your call.
Neither strong opinions by me, too.

Advice appreciated

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