[Bug 165885] Misnamed package, add Provides?

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Tue Aug 16 07:12:07 UTC 2005

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Summary: Misnamed package, add Provides?


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 at freenet.de  2005-08-16 03:11 EST -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> I thought that the package naming guidelines would have adviced to use   
> perl-$CPANDIST, but instead it goes on to say things about "the CPAN module   
> name".   
Can we agree upon this and make this mandatory for FE?

Is there consenus on this?

> IMO, that makes no sense because the unit of CPAN module packaging is a CPAN   
> _distribution_, and the vast majority those distributions contain more than   
> one module.  What's "the CPAN module name" then?  Just using the CPAN   
> distribution name would work, and is already used in all CPAN packages I'm   
> aware of.
I would not bet on FC, but I guess, you are right as far as FE is concerned.

How to proceed with this package?
1. Apply cvs tricks (I.e. an admin moving the files in CVS)?
2. Re-import the package into CVS under "perl-gettext" and "cvs rm"
3. Let it be in FC-4 and re-import it as "perl-gettext" into "devel"?

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