[Bug 165907] perl: specfile cleanup and update to 5.8.7

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Thu Aug 18 17:55:15 UTC 2005

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Summary: perl: specfile cleanup and update to 5.8.7


------- Additional Comments From altblue at n0i.net  2005-08-18 13:55 EST -------
Paul, let's keep it all in one place ;-)

> Is there an "approved" way of packaging later versions of specific
> modules that are bundled with the perl rpm? This is sometimes needed to
> satisfy dependencies, particularly for legacy distros.

If there is one, I haven't heard about it. All I know is there were some
discussions on this issue on the various RedHat/Fedora mailing lists, but AFAIR
there was no (positive) conclusion.

So, for what it worths, what I do now is something like: build packages for
those updated module replacing the usual %{_mandir} (/usr/share/man) with
/usr/local/share/man, replacing %{_bindir} (/usr/bin) with /usr/local/bin, and
using vendor install for the modules.
It's nasty/ugly/bad/etc ... but it's my (bad) way and "works for me".

OFC, this way I cannot either use the stock RH/FC perl package (those missing
versions in Obsoletes being an issue).

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