[Bug 165885] Misnamed package, add Provides?

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Fri Aug 19 03:03:45 UTC 2005

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Summary: Misnamed package, add Provides?


------- Additional Comments From rc040203 at freenet.de  2005-08-18 23:03 EST -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> Sure, it wasn't entirely unexpected, otherwise I would have noticed it in my  

> Anyway, as said, IMO it's Ralf's call whether he wants to do something about 
> this package, and my .02€ is listed in the summary and initial comment of this 
> bug... 

... and I had asked for opinions in comment #3 ;)

Tell me how you want me to proceed with it. 

To me, the current naming of this package is fine, but I also don't have a
problem in changing it, if there is common agreement on this matter.

Technically, adding a "provides: perl-gettext" is matter of minutes, but
renaming the package would require more "brains".

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