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Re: CGI vs mod_perl vs perl (and others)

"Jose Pedro Oliveira" <jpo di uminho pt> writes:

> A couple of question and notes about the above lines:
> 1) *HiRes* => perl-Time-HiRes
>    Do you agree in bringing Time::HiRes back to the perl core
>    package?
>    Perl 5.8 has been having a pretty fast release cycle with
>    the pumpkin manager Nicholas Clark: a new release almost every
>    four months (although I remember reading somewhere - maybe in
>    the perl5-porters mailing lists - that they were planning in
>    increasing the time between new 5.8 releases to 6 months).

Yeah, this makes sense, given the faster turnaround of the 5.8 series
lately.  Too bad this wasn't the case of 5.8.1, else RHEL3 would have
a better perl :(

> 2) *Filter* => perl-Filter and perl-Filter-Simple
>     The removal of Filter files causes similar problems

Ditto here.

> 3) *NDBM* => /dev/null ?
>     Why has this module been erased?  As far as I can tell
>     there is no external perl module being packaged with NDBM.

It was removed because it really isn't necessary; there is DB_File
which does the same, and on Linux, NDBM is just GDBM anyway, which is
part of perl.  This reduced the confusion and magic of the NDBM module
since ndbm varies from platform to platform, making portable files


Chip Turner                   cturner pattern net

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