[Bug 128879] Break perl-libxml-enno into component CPAN modules

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Sat Sep 10 08:50:41 UTC 2005

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Summary: Break perl-libxml-enno into component CPAN modules


------- Additional Comments From ville.skytta at iki.fi  2005-09-10 04:50 EST -------
All dependent packages:      
  rpm -q --provides perl-libxml-enno | awk '{ print $1 }' \      
  | xargs repoquery --whatrequires | sort -u      
Core packages (FC4):      
- foomatic: perl-libxml-enno >= 1.02 (dubious?, bug 167997)  
Extras packages (FE4):      
- inkscape: perl(XML::XQL), perl(XML::XQL::DOM)      
- perl-Template-Toolkit: perl(XML::DOM)      
So, based on the above it looks like it would suffice to:  
- Check if foomatic really requires anything in perl-libxml-enno, and modify  
  it to use perl(Foo::Bar) style dependencies as appropriate  
- Package the following in Core/Extras depending on the foomatic outcome:  
  * perl-XML-RegExp (required by perl-XML-DOM)    
  * perl-XML-DOM (required by perl-XML-XQL)    
  * perl-XML-XQL (required by inkscape)    
  * Add Obsoletes: perl-libxml-enno <= 1.02 to one (or some) of the above,    
    I'd say to perl-XML-DOM only   

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