[Bug 158733] perl(Inline) duplication

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Sun Sep 11 11:07:05 UTC 2005

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Summary: perl(Inline) duplication


------- Additional Comments From wtogami at redhat.com  2005-09-11 07:06 EST -------
Attempted build again today.  Only one test failure on ppc:

t/primitive.................# Failed test 20 in t/primitive.t at line 120
#  t/primitive.t line 120 is: eval '$c = all($b==pdl([[0,1],[2,2]]))';  ok(!$@
&& $c);
FAILED test 20

Upstream CPAN shows mostly failures on this module version, and seems unwilling
or unable to fix this module after a few months of failure.  So this leaves us
with few options:
1) Disable tests and allow this to go into rawhide, assuming it is only a
problem of the tests themselves (?)
2) Downgrade to the previous version and hope that it works.
3) Fix the problem, whatever it is.


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