Rawhide perl modules (2006-12-01)

Robin Norwood rnorwood at redhat.com
Tue Dec 5 20:01:31 UTC 2006

Jose Pedro Oliveira <jpo at di.uminho.pt> writes:

> Robin,
> Would it be possible to start updating the rawhide perl
> modules listed in the attached report? (mod_perl in particular)


> RPM-Specfile-1.19              (RPM-Specfile-1.51.tar.gz)


I failed to notice that perl-RPM-Specfile now requires perl-YAML, which
is in extras, not core.  So...perl-YAML could be moved to Core, or
perl-RPM-Specfile could be moved to Extras.

Or the question could be made moot by Core + Extras merging.

Assuming the question is still valid, what would you guys prefer to do?

Personally, I think perl-RPM-Specfile is more appropriate for Extras.


Robin Norwood
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