[Bug 176902] whitelist_from doesn't work.

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Wed Jan 4 06:12:54 UTC 2006

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Summary: whitelist_from doesn't work.


------- Additional Comments From reg+redhat at sidney.com  2006-01-04 01:12 EST -------
Upstream developer here, playing tech support.

whitelist_from does work. Occam's razor says that it is more likely that you
have a configuration problem than that you have discovered that such a commonly
used feature doesn't work at all. Prove me wrong by including enough information
so if it is a bug it can be found. Specifically, attach the full headers of the
email, which will show us that indeed there is a from of the whitelisted
address, attach the output of spamassassin -D, which will show whether
SpamAssassin really is loading the pref file that you think it is, and attach
the actual user_prefs file, so we can see if everything including the
whitelist_from line looks ok.

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