[Bug 178343] h2ph problem with gcc internal defines

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Summary: h2ph problem with gcc internal defines


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------- Additional Comments From jvdias at redhat.com  2006-01-19 12:20 EST -------
Now that h2ph correctly picks up the gcc C standard includes, such as limits.h,
from the gcc internal include directory (ie. /usr/lib/gcc/*.../include),
which it was not doing before, due to bug 172236, some perl .ph files cannot be
included because they refer to the newer gcc versions 'internal definitions' such
as __INT_MAX__ / __LONG_MAX__ , which are no longer #define'd in any header file,
but are 'built-in' to the newer gcc compilers, in the same way as __FILE__ or
__LINE__ :

  $ echo 'int main(int argc, char **argv, char **envp)
          { long l=__LONG_MAX__; printf( "%ld\n",l); };' >tlm.c
( NOTE: no files are #include-ed )
  $ gcc -o tlm tlm.c$ gcc -o tlm tlm.c
  tlm.c: In function ‘main’:
  tlm.c:1: warning: incompatible implicit declaration of built-in function  ‘printf’
  $ ./tlm

gcc's C standard headers define constants such as LONG_MAX / INT_MAX in terms
of these internal definitions:

$ egrep 'define\ (INT|LONG)_MAX' limits.h
#define INT_MAX __INT_MAX__
#define LONG_MAX __LONG_MAX__

During the generation of the perl platform h2ph includes, we should create a 
file included by limits.ph that includes definitions for all the gcc 
'internal definitions' such as __LONG_MAX__ that might be referenced .

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