Rawhide:perl modules to update (2006-06-05)

Jason Vas Dias jvdias at redhat.com
Mon Jun 5 22:47:41 UTC 2006

On Monday 05 June 2006 18:45, Jose Pedro Oliveira <jpo at lsd.di.uminho.pt> wrote:
>  Jason Dias,
>  The attached text file includes a list of perl modules that
>  should be updated, a couple of package licenses that
>  should corrected, and also one package group that should
>  be corrected (for consistency).
>  Do you want me to open bugzilla tickets for them?
>  Regards,
>  jpo

Thanks Jose - 

No, it won't be necessary to open Bugzillas for these - I'll try
and get all the updated modules into tomorrow's rawhide / FC-5


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