[Bug 194706] perl-XML-SAX fails to build in mock

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Sat Jun 10 00:19:34 UTC 2006

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Summary: perl-XML-SAX fails to build in mock


------- Additional Comments From jvdias at redhat.com  2006-06-09 20:11 EST -------
OK, it would help if I could test on my machine - I tried installing the 
latest mock-0.5-12.20060519, and running 'mock perl-XML-SAX-0.14-1.src.rpm',
but it fails on the command:
 '../mock-helper yum --installroot ... install buildsys-build'

In what yum repo is the buildsys-build package? It isn't in any of mine,
nor in the yum source. I found the 'buildsys-build.spec' in the mock source,
but no pointers to any repo for the packages. Do I need to build the
buildsys package myself and create my own yum repo in order to run mock?

This is definitely a mock regression from mock-0.4.8, which had no such
problems installing the build root .

Any ideas where I can find the 'buildsys-build' package in a yum repo ?

Thanks, Jason.

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