[Bug 188441] url(-relative=>1) is broken in CGI.pm

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Mon Jun 12 05:57:33 UTC 2006

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Summary: url(-relative=>1) is broken in CGI.pm


------- Additional Comments From redhat at spiritvideo.com  2006-06-12 01:49 EST -------
I encountered this bug today (or perhaps it's just a very similar one -- mine is
described in http://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=4709, but it has
apparently been fixed since Dec '05) -- I installed FC5 yesterday, and did a yum
update last night to update all installed packages.  I still have perl-5.8.8-4,
which contains CGI.pm 3.15, which has the bug.  Tonight I did a 'yum update
perl' but it returned 'Could not find update match for perl'.

I was able to work around it by updating the package directly from CPAN, but now
it is outside of RPM/yum control.  I got CGI.pm 3.20 from CPAN, which does not
have the bug.

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