CPAN Module RPMs

Dave Cross dave at
Wed Jun 21 15:48:08 UTC 2006

I've just started to dabble with packaging RPMs from CPAN modules and  
making them available for download (see This  
had brought up a number of questions that people on this list would  
probably be best placed to answer.

1/ Currently I've been using cpan2rpm to build the RPMs. Are there any  
better tools out there? What do you use to create RPMs from CPAN  

2/ Are there any good tools for building web pages from RPMs. I've  
played with rpm2html but I don't want to my web pages to look like  
it's still 1998. Something that interfaces with the Template Toolkit  
would be great, and I'd be happy to write that if it doesn't already  

3/ I assume there are standards that define how CPAN modules should be  
packaged for use with Fedora (I'm largely targeting Fedora - if the  
RPMs work with other distributions then that's a bonus). Are they  
documented somewhere?

Any advice or recommendations would be much appreciated.




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