Filtering requires/provides

Paul Howarth paul at
Thu Mar 9 08:45:30 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-03-08 at 14:10 -0600, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
> >>>>> "SP" == Steven Pritchard <steve at> writes:
> SP> Yes, this changes, so any source rpm built from
> SP> this will have @@PERL_REQ@@ pre-substituted, but is that really a
> SP> major problem?
> I think any modification to the source directory is going to be
> problematic.  There's no guarantee that the RPM builder is going to
> have write access to that directory.  (It won't work one of my setups,
> where that directory is readable but not writable by the user I build
> RPMs as.)

Why not modify the script so that instead of having to substitute
@@PERL_REQ@@, the necessary value is passed as a parameter to it?

So the spec looks like this:

%setup -q -n Kwiki-Raw-%{version}
%global real_perl_requires %{__perl_requires}
%define __perl_requires %{SOURCE1} %{real_perl_requires}

There's no need to delete anything extra in %clean

The looks like this:

PERL_REQ="$1"; shift
"${PERL_REQ}" "$@" | /bin/grep -Fvx '

Where multiple dependencies need to be filtered, add them one per line
where perl(mixin) is.

The only "unusual" requirement here is that the needs
to be executable in the SRPM, thus avoiding the need to chmod it.


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