[Bug 84671] perl: should something obsolete perl-NDBM_File?

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Fri Mar 10 10:08:34 UTC 2006

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Summary: perl: should something obsolete perl-NDBM_File?


------- Additional Comments From altblue at n0i.net  2006-03-10 05:08 EST -------
If somebody dropped the ball again on NDBM issues and now you're again at
updating the spec, Jason, would you please be so kind to properly fix it so it
won't drop my beloved dbm filters? :(

Memento (as many people - me included - told it a thousand times): this line is
completely wrong:
   find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*DBM_Filter*' | xargs rm -rfv
as it does NOT drop "NDBM" filters ONLY, but every DBM filters :(

Our approach is to add -Dnoextensions='NDBM_File' to Configure parameters and
then, in %install:
   find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*NDBM*' -delete || :
so it will drop every _other_ NDBM hooks (i.e. Memoize)


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