[Bug 161785] spamassassin restart fails - functions bug?

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Summary: spamassassin restart fails - functions bug?


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------- Additional Comments From menscher+rh at uiuc.edu  2006-03-17 13:42 EST -------
I'm not so sure this is "fixed" in RHEL4U3.  We recently ran up2date on our
RHEL4 system, to bring it up to U3.  As part of the upgrade, we got a new
version of spamassassin:

spamassassin-3.0.5-3.el4         Thu 16 Mar 2006 05:34:40 PM CST

The install of other packages lasted until 05:49:10 PM, and then up2date
restarted all the daemons.  But our boot.log indicates spamd didn't restart

Mar 16 17:51:43 zeus spamassassin: spamd shutdown succeeded
Mar 16 17:51:44 zeus spamd: Could not create INET socket on
Address already in use (IO::Socket::INET: Address already in use)
Mar 16 17:51:44 zeus spamassassin: spamd startup failed

The result was that everything worked fine for an hour, until the last child
exited due to the default --max-conn-per-child=200.  And then we got the mess of

Mar 16 18:46:30 zeus spamc[20565]: connect(AF_INET) to spamd at
failed, retrying (#1 of 3): Connection refused

At the time, ps output indicated no spamd processes running, and a
'/etc/init.d/spamassassin restart' worked fine to fix it.

I'm assuming that the restart would have used the newly-installed init script,
so that suggests that this fix was incomplete.  Or does the fix only work if
spamd was started using it (due to treatment of a pid file)?

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