Updating perl modules inside the base perl package

Kelly Corbin kcorbin at theiqgroup.com
Fri Sep 8 13:31:57 UTC 2006

First of all, if I've asked this question to the inappropriate list, I 
apologize.  I've asked other lists with no response as I think it may be 
outside many users expertise.  And, it seemed this list *was* the most 
appropriate place to ask.

Here's my question:  Can anyone point me in the direction to steps or 
documentation to update the perl modules inside the base perl package 
for RHEL or Fedora?  We need newer versions of a couple modules that are 
integrated in the package (instead of being separate modules that we can 
upgrade individually, grrr!) and I wanted to know how the package 
maintainers do it so I can do it myself.  Then I can update the perl 
package with the newer modules we need as it is updated from Red Hat.



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