[Bug 207049] all mail is being marked as spam even if the score doesn't make it spam

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Tue Sep 19 05:29:38 UTC 2006

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Summary: all mail is being marked as spam even if the score doesn't make it spam


------- Additional Comments From reg+redhat at sidney.com  2006-09-19 01:29 EST -------
The UNPARSEABLE_RELAY comes from the header
 Received: from pobox.devel.redhat.com ([unix socket])

The headers are correctly parsed and recognized as ALL_TRUSTED in the current
SpamAssassin 3.2 development tree (upstream), but not the 3.1 branch.

I didn't notice the anomaly in the scores. Aside from it being labeled as spam
even though the score does not exceed the 5.0 threshold, it does look like
something is wrong with the configuration. UNPARSEABLE_RELAY is supposed to have
a score of 0.001. It is not a spam sign. It is only used as part of identifying
Received headers that can be used for determining things, and as an
informational indicator.

That doesn't answer what caused this message to be labeled spam. The output from
spamassassin -D applied to the message would show what is going on. I can't
reproduce the scoring problem myself.

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