recently orphaned perl modules....

Chris Weyl cweyl at
Fri Sep 22 03:37:26 UTC 2006

Hey all --

As the perl/extras SIG, do we want to have a process in place to pick
up orphaned perl modules?  That is, there are a number of modules that
have been orphaned as part of the recent extras mass-rebuild effort...
 Rather than let them be removed for FC-6, I think there are benefits
to our taking them over.

But, if we decide this is a good idea, there are process questions here.

Plan A:
* SIG member announces intention to do a SIG takeover on this list
* announce SIG takeover of orphan per usual process a day later
* edit owners.list: list email as owner, actual person doing the taking as cc

Plan B:
...erm.  Someone else gets to suggest this :)

Good idea?  Bad?  Yes?  No?


Chris Weyl
Ex astris, scientia

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