time for perl 5.10.x in devel?

Tom "spot" Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Thu Dec 6 09:53:51 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 15:32 -0500, Robin Norwood wrote:

> o Speaking of the perlmodcompat stuff - is 5.10.0 a good time to get rid
>   of it?  Or we be kicking ourselves when 5.10.x is released and we need
>   to rebuild everything?

I think we should try to drop it. Upstream perl doesn't really like that
we're carrying it, and it doesn't have a significant benefit these days.
If we get a huge uproar, it shouldn't be too hard to enable it later.

> o A bunch of formerly CPAN modules have been moved into core.  Here's an
> incomplete list:


>   - shall we just do these as subpackages?  Are there any that would be
>     more appropriate leaving in the main perl package?  I assume we'll
>     want to keep the perl-core convention Requiring the new subpackages.

This seems reasonable to me, but I know that the subpackages are
controversial for some people.

> o Some of the packages that we split into subpackages for 5.8.8 didn't
> change version in 5.10.0:

> perl-CPAN-1.76

This is baffling. Upstream CPAN is at 1.9205, I thought for sure this
would get updated in 5.10.0. :P

>   - Epoch (double yuck!)

I think this is the lesser evil. I can't think of anything more clever.

>   - Something smarter? (Smarter would be good)
> o How to develop the spec file?  Shall we throw one up on the wiki
> somewhere for easier editing?

I'd planned to start working on it when I got back to the US and put it
on the Fedora wiki for commentss, but don't feel like you need to wait
for me (I'm in the middle of FOSS.in at the moment).


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