Archive::Zip - 'unauthorized' release.

Chris Weyl cweyl at
Mon Jun 4 22:19:43 UTC 2007

On 6/4/07, Robin Norwood <rnorwood at> wrote:
> Well, I was thinking something along the lines of "if a package is
> flagged as 'unauthorized' in CPAN, don't take it until you figure out
> why and verify that it is legitimate."  But maybe that is assumed to be
> common sense. :-)

Sounds fairly commonsensical to me.

One thing I usually do when updating modules is to review the diff
between the version in Fedora and the released version.  (Off "tools"
on the dist page or the "diff" link on the modules
version page.)  It gives me a good idea if I can expect the BR's to
change, and what's going on...  I'd definitely add a good hard look at
the diff if the dist page said 'UNAUTHORIZED' in big red letters  :)

Chris Weyl
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