[Bug 242810] perl-Net-Server: repoclosure problem because perl-IO-Multiplex is not available

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Sun Jun 17 00:02:30 UTC 2007

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Summary: perl-Net-Server: repoclosure problem because perl-IO-Multiplex is not available


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------- Additional Comments From nicolas.mailhot at laposte.net  2007-06-16 20:02 EST -------
Oops, I'm not supposed to handle Net-Server EPEL bugs, seems the default
bugzilla owner is wrong

Anyway: IO::Multiplex is in FE and F≥7. It's an optional run-time dep. Fedora
Net::Server depends on IO::Multiplex because IO::Multiplex is available in the
Fedora repo (see bug #174099). Indeed latest Fedora-Devel added IO::Multiplex as
BR so corresponding tests are run at build time.

EPEL can do the same of choose not to depend on IO::Multiplex. That's really up
to the EPEL maintainer. I personally would not have bumped the EPEL Net::Server
version over the version of the package in the Fedora release corresponding RHEL
was derived from (or at least taken the Fedora Devel package as source instead
of branching from an old package), so obviously our packaging styles differ.

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