[Bug 196836] perl-5.8.8-5 is 30X slower than perl-5.8.8-4

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Tue Jun 19 23:07:30 UTC 2007

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Summary: perl-5.8.8-5 is 30X slower than perl-5.8.8-4


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------- Additional Comments From buribullet at gmail.com  2007-06-19 19:07 EST -------
perl-5.8.8-10 is 1000X slower! 
(It seems like O(2^n) slowdown where n is number of onmemory SV)
Please rethink. It can kill real apps. (Or Fedora/RedHat is not for Perl?)

# Here is simple benchmark, borrowed and modified from
# http://blog.yappo.jp/yappo/archives/000515.html

use Benchmark;
timethese(shift || 100000, {
'overload' => sub { push our @array, TestOverload->new },
'not overload' => sub { push our @array, TestNoverload->new },

package TestNoverload;
sub new { bless { hoge => 'hoge' }, shift }

package TestOverload;
use overload (
q{""} => sub {},
sub new { bless { hoge => 'hoge' }, shift }

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