[cpanrpm] Fwd: PAUSE indexer report SHLOMIF/CPANPLUS-Dist-Fedora-0.0.1.tar.gz

Jerome Quelin jquelin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 14:57:48 UTC 2008

On 08/09/11 17:04 +0300, Shlomi Fish wrote:
> > * code to interact with a given dist and figure out "stuff" about it,
> > e.g. license, status, etc
> Isn't this is (as Jerome noted) what CPANPLUS::Dist::Base is doing?

it's what it *should* be doing. but it's not, there's no code to get the
licence, or trying to analyse pod to extract it. neither is there a
generic way to extract a short description, or the synopsis. so it
belongs in base, but if not included in cpanplus, then at least it
should be in cpanplus::dist::rpm (and not in end-points such as mdv or

> > * code to handle the basics of taking that, generating a spec, and
> > running rpm against it
> Right.

this belongs to generic cpanplus::dist::rpm

> > * distro-specific spec template(s)
> Yes, but we cannot replace everything everytime. Hopefully, the Template will 
> be componentised.

the question is should the templates be part of the cpanplus::dist::rpm
dist or released as separate modules. both ways have their pros & cons.

> > * distro-specific overrides to build behaviour
> >
> > Using Template::Toolkit to deal with the spec templates will hopefully
> > help, in terms of keeping the spec generation somewhat distinct from
> > determining the relevant information from the dist.

any templating system will do. i'm not sure that tt would gain us much,
since we don't need too much complexity. otoh, not reinventing the wheel
is ok too.

> > What's the next step?  Note I assume you don't mind me helping out :-)
> The next step is that we decide who will work on CPANPLUS::Dist::Rpm. Jerome 
> has the annoying tendency of not properly capitalising his strings (including 
> not in code or in error messages to the user) so he should either improve in 
> this regard or be left out of this project.

hum. is it really that annoying? i don't like capitalisation, but i can
live (hopefully! :-) ) with other people using it. so i was kinda hoping
that people could live with my habits, especially within my code... oh,
and the pod is properly capitalized, so screaming "omg! comments in the
code aren't capitalized" seems a bit over-reacting. regarding the error
messages, i remind you that cpanplus is inserting a [MSG] or [ERROR] in
front of the sentence, so technically it's not even needed there...

in any case, i don't get your point: patches welcome - and i've
already shown that i'm ok to integrate any patches, since i've made a
module release after you sent me some patches (thank you again, btw).

another thing that i want to point out: when i hit the very same problem
this list is trying to address (no rpm packages available for the perl
modules that i wanted), i went to cpan.  and you know what? i found no
module to generate mandriva rpms. so i worked quite a bit to integrate
with the proper solution (cpanplus), and you seemed to be quite happy to
a) find it and b) fork it for fedora. it's also the official way of
producing rpm for mandriva, so i think the end result doesn't suck too
much. and you know what? using proper capitalization does not change
this technical merit.

> I'm willing to take Chris's Template Toolkit-based code, inspect it and port 
> it to Mandriva. Does anyone else want to help?

i don't know tt. so please do whatever you want. my goal is to have
mandriva rpms for the perl packages that i want. whatever the way they
are produced, as long as they are technically ok, i don't care. i'm
ready to help on some parts, not on some others (the templating system).

but once again, screaming against my code 'cause it's not properly
capitalized, and then, saying that i should be left out of this because
of that, without even asking me if i could use uppercase, is... maybe
not the best way to gather enthusiasm from people - and i'm not even
speaking of *my* enthusiasm.

jquelin at gmail.com

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