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The well-known tones at once, even before she turned to glance at the
new comer. "Why, good evening, Mr. Strain," she said, trying to conceal
that she had been at all startled by his vicinity, and feeling somewhat
re-assured, upon recognizing the village editor. "I was not aware of
your close proximity. I was admiring this lovely evening. Is it not
really beautiful?" "Beautiful!" exclaimed the gentleman, rapturously,
"it is more than that, it is gorgeous beyond description!" continuing in
a newspaper advertisement way, with some more remarks of a similar
nature. "May I ask, Miss Graystone, if you were walking for the purpose
of calm enjoyment and meditation, or whether you had any decided object
in thus going out unattended?" "I had an object," replied Clemence, "I
am going to Mrs. Brier's. I thought I would go this evening, because it
was so pleasant, and in order to be ready for my duties in the morning."
"Ah, yes! the Brier's are good, worthy souls, I believe, although I
cannot say that they are particularly known to me. You must have
observed, by this time, that I pride myself somewhat on my penetration
and keen insight into the character of those with whom the extensive
business of my office throws me often in contact. Yes, you must have
discovered, by this time, that I am a superior judge of human nature, by
the perusal of the spicy editorials which have made the Waveland Clarion
widely known and feared, as well as respected. As one of the admirers of
my peculiar genius rema
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