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Pundsack Jeanette amphibole at pravosudje.ba
Sat Aug 29 15:25:20 UTC 2009

Tar--; And as I gazed, the vapor like a curtain rolled away, With a
sound of bells that tinkled, and the clatter of a sleigh. And in a
vision, painted like a picture in the air, I saw the elfish figure, of a
man with frosty hair-- A quaint old man that chuckled with a laugh as he
appeared, And with ruddy cheeks like embers in the ashes of his beard.
He poised himself grotesquely, in an attitude of mirth, On a
damask-covered hassock that was sitting on the hearth; And at a magic
signal of his stubbly little thumb, I saw the fireplace changing to a
bright proscenium. And looking there, I marvelled as I saw a mimic stage
Alive with little actors of a very tender age; And some so very tiny t
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