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Ith the approaching performance of "As You Like It" by the Boothby
Company, set for Tinkletown on the following Thursday night. Hapgood's
Grove had been selected by the agent as the place in which the
performance should be given. "Don't they give an afternoon show?" asked
Mrs. Williams. "Sure not," said Harry curtly. "It isn't a museum." "Of
course not," added Anderson Crow reflectively. "It's a troupe." The next
morning, bright and early, Mark Riley fared forth with paste and brush.
Before noon, the board fences, barns and blank walls of Tinkletown
flamed with great red and blue letters, twining in and about the
portraits of Shakespeare, Manager Boothby, Rosalind, Orlando, and an
extra king or two in royal robes. A dozen small boys spread the hand
bills from the _Banner_ presses, and Tinkletown was stirred by the
excitement of a sensation that had not been experienced since
Forepaugh's circus visited the county seat three years before. It went
without saying that Manager Boothby would present "As You Like It" with
an "unrivalled cast." He had "an all-star production," direct from "the
leading theatres of the universe." When Mark Riley started out again in
the afternoon for a second excursion with paste and brush, "slapping up"
small posters with a celerity that bespoke extreme interest on his part,
the astonished populace feared that he was announcing a postponement of
the performance. Instead of that, however, he was heralding the fact
that the Hemisphere Trunk Line and Express Company would gladly pay ten
thousand dollars reward for the "apprehension and capture" of the men
who robbed one of its richest trains a few nights before, seizing as
booty over sixty thousand dollars in money, besides killing two
messengers in cold blood. The great train robbery occurred in the
western part of the State, hundreds of miles from Tinkletown, but nearly
all of its citizens had re
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