[Fedora Robotics] l we go?" "We'll

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 do credit to Dr. Talmage or any other of our great preachers." "Well,
all I can say is this," said Pud, "I'm glad I'm here." At this everybody
laughed, for it was typical of big, hearty, jovial Pud, that any real
serious conversation should go over his head, even though his own ideas
may have started the talk. After supper the boys got their sleeping bags
ready and everything else so placed that they would not be wet by the
dew, which is very heavy in the Saguenay region. Then, like true sons of
Nimrod, they once more sought the limpid waters of the little lake in
quest of the ever elusive and ever interesting trout. They all had good
luck, which guaranteed them a hearty breakfast. As Bob and Pud came back
to the camp they found Jack out on a log casting. The woods were back of
him and almost directly above him, but in some uncanny way he managed to
cast his fly just where and just as far as he wanted to. As they came by
he showed them a dozen fine specimens that he had hooked. "Why go so far
from camp?" said he, in his quizzical way. "They bite just as good
here." "For you," said Bob. "You're a wizard with the fly, but for a
poor novice like myself it is better to seek the fish where they are
pretty sure to be found. I'm no Pied Piper of Hamlin to be able to draw
fish to my fly as he did rats with his pipe." The camp fire proved 
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