[Fedora Robotics] RFC: Location for Player config files

Hedayat Vatankhah hedayatv at gmail.com
Thu Oct 22 23:13:31 UTC 2009

On ۰۹/۱۰/۲۳  02:21, Tim Niemueller wrote:
> On 23.10.2009 00:14, Hedayat Vatankhah wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Hedayat, thanks for the quick reply!

>> If all what I said applies to these configuration files, I think they
>> completely satisfy "read only architecture independent data files".
> I thought about your reasoning. But there are device files and the like
> specified in the config files which may change.
Well, if they are going to be modified themselves then /usr is not an 
appropriate location.

>   Additionally to create a
> new configuration most of the time you start by copying an existing
> config file, being able to do this in the very same directory makes
> things simpler. Additionally having some config files in /usr/share and
> some in /etc seems odd.
If player allows; people will probably put their own config files in 
their home directories or something like that. There is no need to put 
them in /etc.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts;
> I'd like to hear more opinions, but I tend to the /etc solution atm.
> Regards,
> 	Tim

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