[Fedora Robotics] [Package proposal] RobOptim

Thomas Moulard thomas.moulard at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 20:01:04 UTC 2009

Hello everyone,
I am the main developer of a set of software packages called RobOptim
and I would like to know if they would
be eligible for inclusion in Fedora.

* Description:
RobOptim is a set of packages designed to make robotics non-linear
optimization problem easier to solve.
It is composed of several packages which are focusing on different
kind of problem related to robotics,
especially humanoid robotics.

roboptim-core is a C++ generic library which aims at defining an
optimization problem in a generic way, it also provides
mathematical tools such as finite difference computation and gradient checks.

However roboptim-core does not contain any optimization algorithm in
itself, it links against solvers such
as CFSQP (main one we are using but unfortunately not open) and Ipopt
(a draft implementation has been done, need
some testing though), etc.
roboptim-trajectory is a toolbox which contains trajectory
definitions, cost functions and constraints which can be used
to build optimization projects.

Optimization has many interests in robotics (and RobOptim can optimize
whatever problem is given as long as it is
well-formed) but as far as I am concerned I use it to optimize
humanoid robot trajectories.

This project is eight months old and has been used on Linux and
Microsoft Windows.

Of course, I am volunteering to maintain the package. I have no
experience in "real" packaging but I still
have messed around with RPMs a bit.
You can see a a first try here:
Note that it was not designed with Fedora's policies in mind, so it
probably is not acceptable in this state...

RobOptim packages are using GNU Autoconf, Automake and Libtool,
Doxygen for documentation and provides
a (small) test suite which is regularly run through Valgrind.

* External dependencies:
- Boost (>=1.34.1)
- GNU Libtool ltdl

* Web site:

* License:
- LGPL for roboptim-core/roboptim-trajectory
- For plug-ins: LGPL or whatever is compatible with the license of the solver.

I do not really know what is Fedora's policies regarding scientific
packages (minimum user base? quality?),
so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Thomas Moulard

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